Framework Architect (Founding Team)

At Theatre.js we are enabling artists and engineers to create great interactive experiences. We are also empowering people to craft their own creative environments. Our mission is to blur the line between designer and developer, author and consumer, artist and scientist. Read more about our mission in our funding announcement here.

Our values

  • We are toolmakers. We feel most fulfilled seeing what our users create using our tools.
  • We build with a low floor and no ceiling – we strive to make basic tasks easy, manage the complexity of more involved tasks, and mindfully put in escape hatches so users can always build their own solutions when necessary.
  • We dislike silos. We strive to empower designers to code, coders to design, and disciplines to mix.

Working at Theatre.js

We are assembling a small core team, with autonomy and a great deal of creative freedom for our teammates.

We also have an amazing community. We build in the open and don’t shy away from showing our community our works in progress.

We put great personal care into everything we build. We give our teammates the creative freedom to come up with and work on innovative new features, and the public credit they deserve for them.

About this role

At its core, Theatre.js is an FRP-inspired dataflow library. As a framework architect, your job is to extend this library so it accommodates more complex use-cases at higher performance. You are free to improve, refactor, or re-work the library as you see fit.

If you've been designing front-end libraries (like React, Svelte, MobX, etc), then this is the role for you.

Some of your responsibilities are:

  • Improving the core FRP implementation with a focus on performance and DX
  • Designing Theatre.js' API

About you

  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer
  • Experience building complex frameworks/libraries
  • Experience designing public APIs
  • Familiarity with functional programming concepts
  • An obsession with performance

Our tech stack

  • Theatre.js is currently written in Typescript
  • We are soon adding Rust to the mix, so you'll fit in with either Rust or Typescript
  • We borrow heavily from other languages like lisps, Haskell, and Smalltalk, but given the performance envelope, we write the front-end code either in each platform's native language (JS/TS, Swift, etc) or Rust
  • Backend is written in Typescript for now, but we expect our founding backend engineer to take ownership of the stack and tweak it the way they best see fit.
If you feel enthusiastic about our mission but don't see a position that fits your profile, we'd still love to hear from you. In this case, please mention anything you feel might be relevant to your application.


  • Competitive compensation matching your “Founding X” title
  • We are mindful of our work tempo and have a flexible vacation policy (and we strongly recommend taking 4 weeks a year)
  • We are evolving a remote-first culture with semi-asynchronous communication
  • We are looking forward to our first team offsite, and more to come!

How to apply

Send an email to join@theatrejs.com. Tell us what you think of what we're building. Have you had similar ideas in the past? Optionally, tell us what you wish to do once you’re part of the team.